Beth's Photography

                      Monumental Memorial  Portraits

Beth's Photography located in North Central Arkansas

 Specializing in Custom  Headstone Portraits


 Custom Memorial Portraits

of People or for Pets


My custom portraits can be engraved to produce the most beautiful one of a kind headstones for a fallen hero.

It's the perfect gift a friend or family member who has lost a loved one, or a beloved pet.

Many monument companies now offer laser engraving. I have information for the man in North Central Arkansas who used my photo to engrave the head stone in the photo above. You will have to message me for his information. 


My print sizes range from 11x14, up to 24x36

You may purchase the full size digital image


My print sizes range from 11x14, up to 24x36

 I will print poster prints, board prints (a very sturdy poster type)  canvas prints, framed canvas, faux canvas, or mounted frameless prints .

 For more information email:


I must have written copyright permission with all photos I use  (if I did not personally take them in years past).